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SHIFTING SANDS: The film set in Rajasthan, dicusses TIME as the final destroyer and the supreme creator. A saga of destruction and renovation of forts and palaces.

THE DIVINE WILDERNESS: Screened over more than ten times on ZEE TV ,the film is a lyrical tribute to the beauty of the Gharwal hills.

ECHOES FROM THE PAST: A film about the sand, ruins and tales of Jhalawar.

SCALING NEW HEIGHTS: This film traces the journey of three women Everesters, one of them being Santosh Yadav, the only women in the world to have climbed the Everest twice.

BHOPAL AFTER SIX YEARS: An update on Bhopal gas victims.

IN THE SHADOW OF THE BUFFALO: A film on the Toda tribal of Nilgiri hills .


DOOSRI ALKA: Portrayal of a young girl who had the courage and the determination to fight the evil of dowry at the cost of her own future.

DRUG MENACE: A film on drug running and the growing number of addicts in our country .

COST OF THIRST: Afilm about the plight and resettlement of the evacuees of Narmada and Sardar Sarovar dams.

SPITI - THE FORBIDDEN VALLEY: A documentary on the traditional life-style of the rugged people of Spiti, hidden behind magic , mystery and the mountains .

THE ADMINISTRATOR: A documentary on the history and achievements of the Indian Administrative Services .

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