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FREEZE FRAME: For the first time on television, thirty minutes devoted to those leading men , who bring to us the best of still photography in India.

BEADS OF BONDAGE: In the Yellama temple of Saundatti, Karnataka the practice of dedicating young girls to the goddess continues. The programme exposes this old tradition which today gives religious sanction to the evils of prostitution.

TROUBLED PARADISE: Panning across the blue sea and clear white beaches the camera focuses on the problems caused by the tourist influx in Goa

RIVER IN TURBULENCE: Thousands will be uprooted once the Narmada dam is complete . While discussing the cost and benefit ratio , the film highlights the fear and apprehensions of the residents of the submerging areas.


ROAD TO NOWHERE: Shot in the dense jungles and treacherous terrain of Kerala , the programme gives an inside story of drug running in the country.

SHATTERED LIVES: Story of the Chakmas - a sensitive rendering of the plight of the Chakma refugees. The programme deals with their traumatic exodus from Bangladesh, the brutality and horror of their experiences.

FAIR PLAY: A film on professional entrance examinations in India.

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BUDDHA: A film on Buddhism for Ministry of External Affairs GOI. Besides India the film was shot in Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

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